Our graduates are the most desirable UNIX System Administrators in the IT world!

UNIX Academy is world’ only special educational entity that produces professional UNIX & Linux System Administrators.

Till these days the overwhelming majority of the System Administrators out there are self-taught to varying degrees. As a result of decades of hands-on experience and practical-systematic approach to education, UNIX Academy developed special comprehensive training programs. Today’ highly complex system solutions require specially educated and trained, ethical and trusted professionals. UNIX/Linux System Administrator is a central figure in modern IT environment. System Administrator solves problems from routine troubleshooting to driving system architecture designs.
UNIX Academy training produces highly qualified, fully educated in all aspects of system administration professionals. We eliminate the problem of knowledge gaps that is so common among self taught UNIX Administrators. Our students are selected for their previous education, ability to learn and personal qualities. Since day one, all our students also become interns in IT company and earn actual working experience, starting with simple assignments and working their way up from project to project.         

A beginning of great career. Truthfully!   

Many of prominent CIOs have served in a past as system administrators. A person who wants to become a great System Administrator needs to love to learn and spend a lot of your time doing so. UNIX System Administration goes beyond theory. It requires practical skills to develop professional confidence and you will get a lot of mileage out of practicing by working on various projects. 
UNIX Academy is a certification and training facility that offers individuals the opportunity to extend their personal and professional horizons by investing time learning advanced IT knowledge. UNIX Academy initially emerged and was continuously developed as a project by PRIZIX INC., and benefited from its technological vision and superb customer support. 

Hiring managers love our graduates!

We are unique in many ways, but hiring managers return to us again and again primarily because we pioneered the fusion of professional culture, superb skills and computer technologies with useful knowledge. This fusion has resulted in dynamic and highly demanded training and certifications. Our graduates are proud to wear their “UNIX Academy Certified Master” pins.

We are unique in every way

Our program’s uniqueness also grows out of the valuable knowledge contained in our training suite. To access this level of information, an individual must typically spend many years studying information technologies in commercial or academic classes. 
The knowledge we offer is highly valuable not only because it is challenging and engaging but primarily because it provides our students with a superb return on their investment. The way we present the material makes it easy to learn.

The training we offer today can help a decisive, diligent, and smart individual, who may merely lack a formal IT education, break out of their current professional rut and accelerate their career path. 
Our training suites provide the most comprehensive training on the subject, and today, UNIX Academy graduates are among of the most desirable in the IT world.

Pre-Employment Testing

System Administrator is not a “from nine to five” job. It is a lifestyle. It takes knowledge, experience, technical skills and dedication to establish, maintain and protect a complex computer system. It takes special people to fulfill this position.  System Administrator translates into technical terms and implements managerial policies and decisions. System Administrator controls all your files and processing power.
UNIX Academy has professional assessment solutions for all Linux and UNIX related IT jobs, from junior administrators to senior technical leaders. Whether you are looking for quick assessments or rigorous evaluations solutions, we have the right solution for you. UNIX Academy offers UNIX/Linux focused pre-employment online tests and candidate evaluation solutions. Skills evaluation related to System Administrator is very specific, different in many ways from all other pre-employment assessments.

Exams of unmatched relevance.

The data-banks of our testing questions are constantly updating with each new release of operating systems, services, solution and technical situation. Our UNIX/Linux-focused testing assessments are cutting-edge and set the standard in dependable online IT testing.  We pride ourselves in offering the most relevant, skills revealing assessment approaches.

Magic of 4 weeks!

Our in class training lasts 4 weeks. In 4 weekends our students acquire knowledge and experience comparable to 4 years “training on a job”. It's 24 hours of in-class instructions and over 80 hours of actual online lab time and practice which you can complete at your own pace. It's a lot and require from students undivided attention. After passing the exams our graduates earn 6 (six) UNIX Academy  Certificates and graduate with Diploma of “Enterprise Linux and UNIX System Administrator”, and become extremely valuable assets for every company that will hire them. Our graduates are known for their sharp knowledge, deep understanding of systems design and ability to troubleshoot in extreme situation. We develop and cultivate in our students ability to take educated, intelligent decisions, work as team members and lead in solo roles.

Got Questions? Be Sure to check our FAQ page!

The UNIX Academy Advising is happy to help answer your questions when it comes to Admission Requirements, Course Related material, Professional Research, Graduation and Employment.
Please be sure to check out our F.A.Q. page found through our main website .  If you can’t find the answer there, then feel free to email us, call us or come see us.

Apply now as only limited number of seats are available!

Life is pretty busy right now and applying to UNIX Academy is simple and straightforward process. We want to help you avoid some of the confusion and have provided this page as a resource to help guide you through the application process. At UNIX Academy we feel you will find the right balance of professional engagement, training excellence blended with unlimited employment opportunities. Our admissions staff is here to provide guidance as you make important decisions about your professional future. Apply now and let us know how we can assist you.

Just bring yourself, all training materials included.

It isn't all just about managing most advanced computer systems. There is a lot of training, examinations, policies to follow. You'll want to do some things to prepare in advance before departing for UNIX Academy Boot Camp. Your course manager will give you an introduction to our facilities, rules and regulations. A significant portion of your twenty weeks at UNIX Academy will be taken up with lectures, lab work, and lots & lots of practicing.  

We are with you until you get a job!

Our reputation for excellence, honesty, emphasis on measurable results, and breadth and depth of experience make us the ideal training institution. We provide a comprehensive assessment and admission process for ensuring improved learning experience and tangible results.
From initial consultation through initial job interviews and on-boarding process, we remain involved every step of the way to ensure your successful employment . Your professional success is our top priority.

We provide solid pre-employment and post-hire training to our graduates!

UNIX Academy education ranges from selective admission and rigorous professional training to developing pre-employment skills and post-hire technical and critical soft skills training. The overall focus of pre-employment training is to provide a unique insight for both graduate and company to assess each other to determine if there is a good match for a long-term relationship. Our graduates provide you with an opportunity to extend your organization's values, vision, policies and demands on the job. 

Phone Screening

UNIX Academy practice highly sophisticated double-session professional telephone screening.  Our unique competency telephone screening consists of two separate telephone interviews conducted by two different and highly skilled professionals. This second opinion based testing, provides very reliable assessment of each candidate’s technical and professional interpersonal skills. Using real life situations of actual troubleshooting and engineering tasks, this type of assessment reveals technical and collaborative skills. 
There’s big deal of importance of “secondary skills” and techniques, familiarity with additional equipment and procedures. Our technical screeners have it, and a fisherman can see another fisherman from afar.